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Digital Opera 2.0 Partners
November 9-25, St. Petersburg
North Star Media supports the "Spasibo" ("Thank You") social campaign
The North Star Media Company decided to support the "Thank you" social information campaign of the "Gift to Angel" charity foundation in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
North Star Media has installed a new Digital Super Site
Digital Super Site 5 x 15 has been recently installed on Ilyinskoye Highway.
North Star Media became a partner of the Russian Aqua Bike Championship
North Star Media is an advertising partner of the IV International Science Forum
The International Scientific Forum "Public Administration" is held annually in St. Petersburg.
North Star Media is the official partner of the "Russian Wave" aqua-bike competition
North Star Media is the official sponsor of the Miss Studentship 2019 beauty contest
Miss Studentship is an annual competition that supports active young people and allows them to discover their creative potential.
North Star Media - official partner of the conference "Effective Visual Communication 2019"
The official partner of the 3rd Annual Conference "Effective Visual Communication" will be North Star Media.
OUTDOOR DIGITAL AWARD 2018: Award for Best Advertising Product to Industry Leaders
The OUTDOOR DIGITAL AWARD 2018 New Year's party took place in the Kalina Bar restaurant in Moscow. The first ever DOOH-industry award for the outgoing year brought together representatives of leading companies in the digital industry, major advertisers and representatives of advertising agencies.
North Star Media and NPO Analytika are introducing a new generation of measurability systems for advertising equipment.
Wireless analytics allows to measure the behavior of the audience passing by the advertising media equipped with Wi-Fi sensors, makes it possible to reinforce the contact with those who have seen a certain advertising message in outdoor advertising, the same advertising in the Internet, as well as to analyze the physical reach (how many of those who have seen the advertising message in out-of-home then really came to the advertised location).
The new star of two capitals
In November, a real digital revolution took place in the outdoor advertising market of St. Petersburg. The North Star Media Company has installed 42 digital constructions 6 x 3 m in the central part of the city and in the most lively places of the city, providing uniform coverage of high-tech advertising means in all districts of the cultural capital.
North Star Media will launch a digital revolution in the Northern Capital
North Star Media entered the digital outdoor advertising market in St. Petersburg. The operator plans to install 42 6x3m digital media in the busiest places, which will give advertisers the opportunity to reach almost 100% of the potential audience of the city.
North Star Media launches DOOH network in St. Petersburg
Static billboards are installed, as well as 4 designs of Digital format.
North Star Media will install a network of standard 6x3 m advertising media in St. Petersburg.
This DOOH network will be the first in the Northern Capital to cover most districts of the city, with sufficient coverage (more than 40 designs), installed in the busiest places.