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North Star Media and NPO Analytika are introducing a new generation of measurability systems for advertising equipment.

Wireless analytics allows to measure the behavior of the audience passing by the advertising media equipped with Wi-Fi sensors, makes it possible to reinforce the contact with those who have seen a certain advertising message in outdoor advertising, the same advertising in the Internet, as well as to analyze the physical reach (how many of those who have seen the advertising message in out-of-home then really came to the advertised location).

North Star Media is a new actively developing company in the market of digital outdoor advertising. The company manages a media facade on Shchelkovskoye highway in Moscow with the area of 2.5 thousand square meters, five supersites on MKAD, 64 billboards in St. Petersburg. The company also plans to develop a network of media facades and digital screens in the capital and regions.

North Star Media starts working on a very highly competitive market," says Ilya Aksonov, General Director of North Star Media. - It is obvious that we need to learn how to use all the possibilities of innovative solutions that have already proved themselves in practice, which can strengthen the position of the company and increase the efficiency of attracting clients. The technologies of NPO Analytika are actually becoming a new industrial standard in outdoor advertising and provide an opportunity to provide absolutely transparent information to our customers.

"For us, the installation of equipment and measurement of media facades is a logical continuation of activity in other formats of outdoor advertising, already widely equipped with our system. The interest of customers to such an out-of-home format can now be made measurable and, of course, to optimize both the placement itself and the creativity on the basis of the received data", - says General Director of "NPO Analytika" Mikhail Mogilevsky.