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North Star Media will install a network of standard 6x3 m advertising media in St. Petersburg.

This DOOH network will be the first in the Northern Capital to cover most districts of the city, with sufficient coverage (more than 40 designs), installed in the busiest places.
Modern LED components of the world's leading manufacturers will be used as media, taking into account climatic and other features of the northern capital, allowing the digital image to compete with the classic printed poster in terms of image quality and brightness.
As a content manager, a proven automated complex will be introduced, which will allow to promptly place customer programs, broadcast any type of content, as well as use external data to create unique and customized clips.
The automated online monitoring system will promptly respond to possible broadcast failures and contribute to their timely elimination.
The monitoring system will give access to prompt provision of various forms of report: from photo (video) monitoring to ether certificates (with confirmation of an independent expert).
Sales will be made from two offices: St. Petersburg and Moscow.