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North Star Media will launch a digital revolution in the Northern Capital

North Star Media entered the digital outdoor advertising market in St. Petersburg. The operator plans to install 42 6x3m digital media in the busiest places, which will give advertisers the opportunity to reach almost 100% of the potential audience of the city.

Modern LED screens will be used as media, taking into account the climatic and other features of the city.

"This year, North Star Media enters the market of outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg with the possibility of campaigns in one of the most popular formats - 6x3 m. These are new advertising opportunities, which will appear on the main transport routes of the city. Next year we plan to expand our network of structures by 200-300% across the country. This is our response to customers' need to take advantage of such a promising media channel as digital outdoor advertising," says Ilya Aksyonov, founder and CEO of North Star Media.

The signal processing algorithm, which will be used in the North Star Media digital network, is already in use in the market. In particular, it is used on the media facade on Shchelkovskoye highway in Moscow. The technology allows you to reproduce a bright, realistic picture of high quality and sharpness in a wide dynamic range. The monitors were made by the company Dicolor - one of the leaders in the market of LED technology.

"The basis of the new screens is modern LED components of the world's leading manufacturers. The designs are made taking into account the climatic characteristics of the Northern Capital - explains Oleg Bratashoff, CEO of Bratashoff DOOH Consulting. - We have taken into account the advanced world and Russian experience of building a network. The tested automated complex will carry out content management, which will allow to promptly place clients' programs, broadcast any type of content, as well as use external data to create unique clips.

Online monitoring works automatically: the system will instantly respond to possible broadcast failures and contribute to their timely elimination. There is a possibility of on-line reports - from photo/video monitoring to airwaves with confirmation of an independent expert.

North Star Media is only entering the market in St. Petersburg, but the company has already attracted the leading Russian experts in the outdoor advertising market. This means that the clients will immediately receive high standards of service. Sales will be carried out in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, and the own design group will help to realize the creative ideas of the customer.

According to Oleg Bratashov, the new network of DOOH-constructions will open new opportunities for social advertising.

"We are not newcomers in St. Petersburg, we used to work as a company "Vintage". At the last auction we won the lot for 64 advertising structures of 6x3 m format, after which we received an offer from North Star Media to invest in the largest network of digital billboards in the city, - tells the background of the project Arseniy Tkachev, commercial director of the North Star Media in St. Petersburg. - As a result, we joined the company. With the new large-scale volumes of digital equipment, advertisers will be able to effectively solve problems due to the better quality of contact and rotation of creative materials".

Digital billboards are the largest advertising format in the central part of the city - 18 square meters. Surfaces can be used both for several creative layouts and for one to extend the contact of the consumer with the advertising message. The new digital billboard makes it possible to launch various types of content advertising in real time.

Natalia Kulikova, General Director of Video Planning agency, believes that the arrival of new operators is expected.

"The St. Petersburg DOOH market is far from saturated: in the second largest city in Russia, less than 30 digital designs are installed. At the same time, the average cost of placement with the same minimum timekeeping is almost three times higher here than in Novosibirsk, and four times higher than in Ekaterinburg. When we were preparing the May review "Digital Cities of Russia", we were talking about a rapid change in the number of designs and the great potential of the city for digital advertising," says Natalia Kulikova.

According to her, the offered DOOH-constructions in the city are of high quality and are located in significant places. These are the main pricing factors:

"It is good that operators are planning to place new constructions, it will benefit the market of St. Petersburg: competition will intensify, and it means that pricing will become more flexible, supply will expand. The main thing is that the constructions are sold according to the reasonable system of the block/rollie. As a result, this will benefit the client, and with him the entire DOOH market as a whole.

Oleg Fedorov, the head of the St. Petersburg branch of OMD OM GROUP, is sure that if the company's plans come true in full by the end of the year, it will become a serious application for a significant share of digital activity in outdoor advertising of the city:

"If you look at the address program of North Star Media, it is about even coverage of the city. In this case, the sales capacity and commercial load will directly depend on how quickly and qualitatively the company will build relationships with major communication groups. It will be difficult to count on digital downloads from local clients in the first few months. Other factors will also be important: transparency of pricing and conditions, prompt work of client service and technical services".

In addition to digital media, North Star Media has installed 25 analogue designs, and the placement of another part of the media is planned in the near future. More than 60 addresses are a weighty argument when planning both digital and analogue ooh-campaigns.

"Digitalization in outdoor advertising is a steady trend. Thanks to it possibilities at carrying out of non-standard advertising campaigns extend. We plan to continue to offer advertisers a product that is in demand in the Russian market, as well as to increase the number of available digital formats", - sums up Ilya Aksyonov.

According to experts' estimates, today in Russia 1.5 thousand DOOH-constructions are installed. Digital is the most actively developing segment of the domestic ooh industry: in the first half of 2018, the number of DOOH-inventors increased by 40% compared to the same period last year.

Source: Outdoor.Ru